What You Need to Know about Fibromyalgia

chronic pain treatment Jacksonville flFibromyalgia is a syndrome related to arthritis that causes widespread pain and tenderness in the muscles. Here are some facts you may not know about this chronic pain condition:

It Can be a Secondary Condition

Fibromyalgia is related to arthritis, but it does not cause any inflammation or damage to your joints or muscles. It can present as a primary condition characterized by muscle pain and tenderness throughout the whole body, or as a secondary condition to a rheumatic disease like arthritis, lupus, or ankylosing spondylitis. Patients with rheumatic conditions are at higher risk for developing fibromyalgia.

It is Hard to Diagnose

This disease is largely misunderstood. The fact that its symptoms so often mimic or overlap symptoms of other rheumatic diseases make it difficult to diagnose. The average patient will wait five years to get a diagnosis, according to the National Fibromyalgia Association. No diagnostic test is available for Fibromyalgia, so doctors have to rely on the collection of symptoms present to diagnose.

Most Sufferers Deal with Fatigue and Sleep Disorders

As many as 90% of people with Fibromyalgia will experience poor sleep and the cognitive problems, memory lapses, and fatigue that come along with being sleep deprived.

It is More than Just Pain

Aside from pain, Fibromyalgia is associated with a host of other symptoms like headaches, IBS, memory problems, noise sensitivity, temperature sensitivity, temporomandibular joint disorder, restless leg syndrome, depression, and anxiety.

Fibromyalgia Can be Managed

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