Common Misconceptions about Arthritis

Arthritis is a widespread condition, but a lot of misinformation about this disease continues to circulate. Here are some common misconceptions that persist about arthritis.

Only old people get arthritis.

Arthritis can affect you at any age, and can even develop in children. There are over 100 types of arthritis and certain ones are more prevalent in different age and gender groups. However, overall arthritis is not specific to age or gender.

Arthritis consists of minor aches and pains.

OTC painkiller commercials like to make it seem like a couple of aspirin or ibuprofen tablets can relieve arthritis pain, but this disease is much more complicated than that. Joint damage, limited range of motion, joint deformity, fatigue, and inflammation are all part of arthritis. Arthritis requires a more multi-faceted and often more aggressive form of treatment.

Cold and wet conditions induce arthritis.

Many people believe that a cold, wet climate can worsen arthritis and that moving somewhere warm and dry is the cure. However, people in these warm, arid regions still develop arthritis. Arthritis causes the cartilage between your bones to wear away, which causes pain regardless of what the weather is outside.

Arthritis is not treatable.

While arthritis can impose severe limitations on your life, there are treatments available to slow down the progression of the disease and help you live more comfortably. Contact Florida Coast Pain today at 904.449.7246 for comprehensive arthritis treatment in Jacksonville, FL. Our physicians are dedicated to finding a solution for your chronic pain.