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Recognizing Signs of Chronic Pain in Dementia Patients

When it comes to the correlation between pain and dementia, some studies show a link between the two. That’s why you can count on experts like the Florida Pain Physicians who can help you get the best pain management in Orange Park, FL. They will listen to all your symptoms and work diligently to find the best solution for you. Studies have made the correlation a little clearer in terms of learning more about the connection between pain and dementia.

Experts estimated that many people with dementia experience pain regularly and that the pain increases as their dementia progresses. Although dementia isn’t the root cause of their physical pain, there are often other conditions in these patients that can be causing issues; most patients with dementia are older adults with a high risk of osteoarthritis, urinary tract infections falls, and pressure sores. That’s why getting the right pain management can help these patients focus on healing with their dementia a lot more easily by minimizing the other pain they feel.

Another major factor is that those who suffer from dementia experience pain differently than those whose cognition is intact. In some cases, it could feel like there is a reduced capability to express pain, and therefore it can go undertreated. To learn more, contact the Florida Pain Physicians and make an appointment.