Non-Surgical Chronic Pain Treatment in North Florida

There are many different non-surgical chronic pain treatments in North Florida, available to patients dealing with chronic pain and inflammation. As our patient, your comfort and well-being are important to us; with this in mind, the team at Florida Pain Physicians researches alternative remedies and offers a targeted treatment plan customized to treat your specific causes of pain.

Our pain management clinic combines both traditional and alternative medical treatments to decrease or eliminate your pain. Speak to us about different techniques we use to help you break free from your suffering.

Don’t Let Migraines Bring You Down

Anyone who has ever suffered from a migraine before knows it is a lot more than just a mere headache. The throbbing, pulsing pain associated with migraines can quickly become disabling as it causes nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to noise and light.

People who suffer from migraines might find themselves lying in a darkened room for several hours or even days if it is bad enough. That means you aren’t just dealing with pain, but also with a disruption to your life. During a migraine, you may not be able to go to work, got to school, or take care of your regular responsibilities.

When you work with us, we can perform a number of tests to identify what is causing your migraines. Once we understand the root cause of the problem, we can then create a customized, personalized treatment plan for you. This treatment plan may include medication to relieve the pain or to prevent a migraine from ever occurring. Another popular remedy is to use BOTOX injections for headaches.

Most people know BOTOX as the chemical that prevents crow’s feet and frown lines by reducing the activity of muscles used in the face that form these wrinkles. The main ingredient in BOTOX is called onabotulinumtoxinA, which has been proven to be very effective when fighting migraines. That means when a BOTOX injection is performed, it can block the pain messages that are being sent to the brain.

Dedicated Offering Pain Relief

When you come to us for pain treatments, our doctors will sit down with you and discuss your pain as well as any treatments you have received in the past. We then perform a thorough examination and diagnostic tests to identify the cause of your pain as well as the most effective treatment option for you.

The team at our pain management clinic truly respects all of our patients as individuals. We know you are coming to us seeking relief from your chronic pain so you can improve your quality of life—we want to deliver that to you. Without chronic pain, you will be able to resume your normal activities and get back to living your life.

Board-certified in pain management and anesthesia, our doctors work towards providing you with a treatment that finally gives you the relief from the pain you have been searching for. Through our multi-faceted approach, we know we are going to be able to reduce or eliminate your pain through a mix of traditional medicine, alternative medicine, physical therapy, and behavioral therapy.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with our physicians about your chronic pain or joint inflammation. We provide an assortment of non-surgical pain treatments to patients located throughout the North Florida, area.