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Helping Loved Ones with Chronic Pain

It can be heartbreaking to watch someone you love deal with chronic pain; however, you can help in small ways. Whether assisting with household chores or taking them to their back pain treatment in Orange Park, FL, providing support and understanding goes a long way toward improving their outlook.

Don’t Disregard their Pain

Looking healthy doesn’t mean someone feels healthy, so taking them at their word helps them feel supported.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

People often need to express how they feel but don’t want to seem whiny or garnering sympathy. By asking questions about their pain, you remove the barrier of imposition.

Include Them

Even if they have mobility issues, invite your loved one to events. Even if they decline or can’t participate, offering an invitation shows you are thinking of them.

Patience is Key

Chronic pain is challenging for both the sufferer and their family and friends. Patience is critical, so avoid making them feel guilty and let them know you care.

Make Help Simple

Chronic pain sufferers often need help but don’t want to burden their loved ones. Knowing they aren’t inconveniencing you allows them to accept assistance more readily.

Feeling Normal

While chronic pain can affect your loved one’s lifestyle, they still want to feel normal. Don’t treat them differently or walk on eggshells around them.

Whether your loved one needs back pain treatment, suffers from migraines, or is dealing with arthritis, you can always offer valuable emotional support.

Stem Cell

Speaking to the Right Doctor about Stem Cell Therapy

You may have a good relationship with your primary care physician, but if they don’t have experience in chronic pain management, it might be time to talk to a specialist. However, it can seem daunting to know who to contact for advanced treatments like stem cell therapy in Jacksonville, FL. Knowing what to look for in a doctor will go a long way toward getting the help you need.


While everyone must start somewhere, experience gained through practice is invaluable. Doctors that have attained a specialist status can offer the benefit  of their knowledge and expertise. They have spent years honing their skills and have likely seen real-world examples of your condition.

Education & Qualifications

Specialists choose their path based on their interests and then spend years accumulating qualifications in that field. While some doctors may have multiple specialties, it’s best to find one that focuses on chronic pain management and interventional treatments like stem cell therapy.

A Specialty Within a Specialty

Specialists can also concentrate on aspects of pain management, such as back pain or migraine treatment. You need to find a doctor who has experience with your condition.

From stem cell therapy to medication management, a specialized pain clinic is your best bet for a more comfortable future.