Cutting-Edge Joint Pain Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Your joints are what enable your body to move. They connect all of your bones so that you can walk, stand, and even sit. Unfortunately, injury and disease can end up doing damage to your joints, which can cause pain and even immobility. Florida Pain Physicians helps restore function to your joints and reduce the amount of pain you have through our joint pain treatment in Jacksonville, FL.

Using a comprehensive approach, the doctors are our pain management clinic can reduce or eliminate your pain by discovering and treating the source. There are many joint pain remedies available to us, including facet joint injection and other steroid injections. We will sit down and discuss which option is best for you to get the results you seek.

Treatment Options to Relieve Joint Pain

Increase your quality of life by decreasing the amount of daily suffering you face due to joint inflammation and pain. We provide an assortment of traditional treatments to help you find relief from pain, including effective arthritis treatment in Jacksonville, FL. Additionally; we combine our approach with physical therapy, behavioral health, and other alternative therapies to not only give you immediate relief from pain but long-term relief as well. Some of the different joint pain treatments we offer include:

Guided Steroid Injections

Steroid injections from our clinic are one of the most immediate ways patients can find relief from pain. By using ultrasound techniques, our doctor is able to inject an anesthetic and steroid into the epidural space of your joint. This steroid then decreases the inflammation in the area while the anesthetic interrupts the pain signal to the brain.

Hyaluronic Acid Joint Lubrication

Hyaluronic acid injections are one of the smartest solutions for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. This fluid, which is already found in your joints, adds more lubrication to reduce the amount of pain you feel while also enhancing your mobility. Physical therapy is commonly recommended to go along with these injections so you can enjoy a more complete, comprehensive treatment plan.

Peripheral Nerve Radiofrequency Ablations

Patients who have received a joint replacement can sometimes experience joint pain. Using our radiofrequency procedure, we are able to help alleviate that pain. How does it work? Our doctors use a radiofrequency needle that sends an electrical current to the specific nerves causing your pain. This creates a heat lesion that destroys the targeted nerves. The final outcome is they can no longer transmit pain signals to your brain.

Stem Cell/Regenerative Medicine Therapies

One of the newest procedures in the pain management field is the use of stem cells for regenerative purposes. The goal of regenerative medicine in Jacksonville, FL, and therefore our stem cell therapies, is to repair and replace abnormal tissue to reduce or eliminate inflammation. When injected into the body, stem cells can promote joint repair.

Contact us when you have any questions about the different procedures we use to help you alleviate your joint pain. Our team works hard to provide effective joint pain treatments to patients located throughout the Jacksonville, Florida, area.