Comprehensive Pain Management in North Florida

You do not need anyone to tell you about the effects of chronic pain. The aching makes even the smallest task seem impossible to perform. Over-the-counter pills and topical ointments may provide some relief, but they only last for a short time. You want a solution that eases your pain in an ongoing manner. Restore your freedom of movement and quality of life with pain management in North Florida.

Florida Pain Physicians serve patients in North Florida, St. Augustine, and Orange Park. While people may have the same condition, no two people will respond to a general cure-all. Our pain doctors begin the care process by assessing your physical condition and the level of your pain. To ensure we meet your specific needs, you can rely on us to provide you with a tailored treatment plan.


Spine Treatments

Spine and general back pain can leave you bedridden and unable to move. There are spine treatments available that can help you take back control, including injections to the epidural area and facets. We can also use radiofrequency ablation and intrathecal pumps to help get you spine pain under control.

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Joint Treatments

It becomes much harder to move around when you are dealing with inflammation in your joints. Through our guided steroid injections, stem cell, and hyaluronic acid lubrication therapies, however, you can calm that inflammation down and say goodbye to your pain.

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Other Treatments

Many alternative pain relief therapies are showing real signs of success with patients. One of these alternative treatments include injecting BOTOX for relief from migraine headaches.

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Intracept Treatments

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Vertiflex Treatments

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While you probably think the most you can expect is relief, we may eliminate your discomfort. Our treatment plan for you may also help regulate your heart rate and blood pressure if these autonomic responses have been affected by your pain. Reach out to our pain clinic to discuss your problems and to learn more about available pain management options.