Restore Your Quality of Life with Back Pain Management in St. Augustine, FL

The source of that chronic pain you feel in your back and neck is probably your spine. Your spinal cord runs through vertebrae that can sometimes press on nerves due to degenerative issues or injury. Even the slightest movement can send shooting pain down your thighs and legs. Instead of living with the discomfort, seek pain management in St. Augustine, FL.

Treatment Tailored for You

The team at Florida Pain Physicians welcomes patients to visit any of our locations in North Florida, Orange Park, and St. Augustine. You and your condition are more than just a list of medical terms in a traditional file or on a computer screen. We give you a thorough examination to identify the exact location of your spinal problem. The results of our assessment provide us with the information needed to customize your care and offer various treatment options.

State-of-the-Art Pain Relief

Our doctors may satisfy your pain management needs with noninvasive procedures such as nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, and facet injections. However, some patients with compression fractures of the vertebrae may benefit from kyphoplasty in North Florida, in which we use bone cement to fill the affected area. Contact our pain clinic to schedule an appointment or consultation.

Epidural Steroid Injections

Pain in your lower back or legs is usually caused by inflammation. We reduce this inflammation with an injection of steroids and then provide rehabilitation services to help you see longer and more lasting results.

Facet Injections

If your back pain is caused by the facet joints in your spine, then we might suggest injecting an anesthetic into these joints to give you a temporary cessation of pain. This injection, which includes steroids to decrease inflammation, helps us better determine if it is, in fact, your facet joints causing you the pain or if it is something else.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Pain is caused by nerves; the fibers of these nerves send the message of pain up to your brain. With this procedure, we are able to burn away these nerve fibers quickly and with minimal invasiveness. This provides you with immediate relief and is typically performed on patients dealing with chronic pain in their lower back and neck area.

Sympathetic Blockade

If you are dealing with chronic pain in your legs and feet then this injection of anesthetic, and sometimes steroids, to the sympathetic nerves at the front of your spine might be able to help. Once the suffering has been reduced or eliminated, we are able to provide physical therapy to the patient so they can address the problem and eventually overcome their pain.

Nerve Blocks

Just as the name implies, this procedure blocks your nerve or joint from receiving pain. This is only temporary relief from your chronic neck or back pain and is usually used to help our doctors find where the pain originates.


If you have compression fractures of the vertebrae, then this special type of spine surgery might just be the right solution to help you. How does it work? Our doctors insert surgical balloons into a tube and then inflate the collapsed area. The area is then filled with bone cement to keep the vertebra in place.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

If you have had previous back pain surgery or treatment and it didn’t fix the problem, this procedure might be the answer. By implanting a device near the spine, you are able to send electrical pulses to your body that interfere with the pain signals trying reaching your brain.

Intrathecal Pump Trials

Sometimes medication might just be the best solution for your pain. This procedure involves implanting a pump into your body that releases medication on a schedule. This allows for a reduced dose of medication while also typically making the need for other medications unnecessary. Through a trial period, our doctors will monitor the successfulness of the pump and figure out if it is the long-term pain-management solution for you.

Contact us to learn how you can properly manage your back pain. We treat spine pain for patients located throughout the North Florida, St. Augustine, and Orange Park, FL.