Posts made in January 2023

How to Work from Home with Less Pain

More people are working from home than ever before, which has been a great development, but it has also led to more and more people suffering from unwanted pain problems. Why? Because people are getting up and moving around less than they would in an office setting! Thankfully, our pain clinic in St. Augustine, FL, has come up with some helpful pain management tips to assist you in developing pain problems or exacerbating existing ones.


Focus on Your Chair – Since most of your time working from home is spent in your office chair, it is vital to make sure that it is properly adjusted to help you avoid potential posture issues. You should make sure you adjust your armrests so that the angle of your elbow to your wrist is 90 degrees to your torso. Also, it is a good idea to add some support to your lower back so you sit up straighter and make sure the height of the seat allows you to rest your feet flat on the floor.


Focus on Your Workspace – Your desk should be level with your bent elbows when you are keyboarding. It is important to remember that you should never have to bend your wrists.


Focus on Your Computer Screen – Your screen should be slightly below eye level so your head isn’t angling up or down. Try placing books or magazines under the screen to adjust the height without spending additional money. Additionally, make sure you are changing your sitting positions often and get up and take a break every 30 minutes to stretch and move around.

Five Surprising Reasons for Back Pain

Do you find yourself dealing with daily back pain? You might be shocked to learn there are several different reasons you could be dealing with this discomfort. The team at our pain management clinic has created a quick list of five surprising causes of back pain. If any of them sound like something you’re dealing with, then schedule an appointment for back pain treatment in Orange Park, FL, right away!


Insomnia – It is to be expected that trying to fall asleep with a sore back might not be the easiest thing in the world, but it should also be noted that back pain can develop because of that lack of sleep. One study found that you are almost two times more likely to develop back pain if you have insomnia or other sleeping problems!


The Way You Walk – Flat feet, foot pain, and other problems can throw you off your stride. When you are no longer walking in a healthy way, it can strain other parts of your body—like your back. Do you notice a backache flaring up when you stand up or start to walk? If so, it could be your stride causing the problem.


Smoking – Smokers are almost three times more likely to develop lower back pain than those who don’t smoke. This is because tobacco slows down blood flow to your tissues and bones. This leads to a painful breakdown in the disks of your spine. Worse, smoking also slows down healing, which will only make the ache linger longer.


Too-Tight Pants – They might look great on you, but those tight pants might hurt your back. Snug pants can change your posture and how you move, usually making things much more awkward for your lower spine and pelvis region. It can also make you slump when you sit, which weakens the muscles that keep your spine in line.


Video Gaming – The amount of time you spend seated throughout the day—especially with your head tilted forward and your shoulders slumped—can wreak havoc on your back. Poor posture and hours of sitting can lead to muscle stiffness and strain, so make sure you are getting up and moving around regularly to avoid developing back pain issues.