Tips for Walking when You Have Bad Knees – Pt. 1

happy senior couple taking a walkWhen you are dealing with chronic knee pain, walking is probably pretty low on your list of favorite activities. However, walking regularly can help maintain joint function and can even reduce symptoms if done right.

Walking is part of a healthy lifestyle, and is beneficial for your knees. Your knee joint does not have a blood supply that continuously nourishes it, because it is comprised of bone and cartilage. Moving the knee joint regularly ensures that they get the nourishment they need. If you’ve ever had to sit for long periods, you may have noticed that your knees feel stiff and sore afterword, even the morning after. Daily walking, even if it’s just a short walk, can help relieve that stiffness.

Walking may not be easy for you if you have bad knees, but here are some ways to make it more comfortable:

Wear Proper Shoes – Having the proper shoes is the most important thing you can do for your knees. Choose shoes that are flat and flexible, because you want your foot to move as naturally as possible. You should also look for a wider toe box, and avoid heels, heavy shoes, and pointed toes.

Inserts – You should avoid high arch support inserts, or shoes with arch support because that will prevent your foot from moving naturally. Orthotic inserts can be used to provide extra cushioning in your shoes if that is the most helpful for you. Ask your doctor or podiatrist for advice.

Warm Up – When your joints are warm they will move more effectively and be less painful when you walk. Applying a heating pad to your joints or taking a warm back or shower before a walk can help. You should also start your walks slowly to get the joint fluid moving and pick up the pace when your muscles are warmed up properly.

These are just three tips that can help you incorporate walking into your healthy lifestyle, even if you have bad knees. If you are dealing with chronic knee pain, make an appointment at our pain management clinic in Jacksonville, FL. Find relief from pain when you call us at 904.449.7246 or book online today.