Exercising Safely with Arthritis

senior couple lifting weightsExercise can be extremely beneficial for managing pain in people living with arthritis. Keeping the body in motion helps maintain range of motion and flexibility in the joints. However, it is important not to overdo it, or you could end up doing more harm to your body than good. Here are some ways that people with arthritis can exercise safely without causing further damage to their joints.

Get Your Exercise Plan Approved by Your Doctor or Physical Therapist

When you have a medical condition that hinders physical movement, it is essential to have your exercise plan reviewed by your doctor or physical therapist. The recommended exercise plan recommended for you will depend on which joints are affected, how much inflammation you have, how stable your joints are, and whether or not you have had a joint replacement. A physical therapist that is knowledgeable about this disease can help you design a plan that works for you.

Three Types of Exercise that Benefit People with Arthritis

Exercise provides many benefits for arthritis patients, from increased joint flexibility and range of motion to weight control and heart health. Three types of exercise work well for people living with arthritis:

  • Range-of-Motion Exercise – Activities like dancing or Zumba can help relieve joint stiffness and maintain healthy joint movement. It can also improve your flexibility.
  • Strength Exercises – Some light weight training helps support muscle strength. Your muscles do a lot to support your joints, and keeping them in good condition helps protect the joints affected by your arthritis. Be sure to see a doctor about how much weight and how much weight training is appropriate for you.
  • Aerobic and Endurance Exercises – Weight control is very important for people with arthritis, as extra weight puts added pressure on your joints. Walking or riding a bike can improve lung function, cardiovascular health, and help you control your weight.

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