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Spinal Cord Stimulation – When Spine Surgery Fails

Chronic pain centered in your spine can seem unmanageable, especially when surgery fails. Surgery is often a last resort for people experiencing persistent back pain. However, thanks to advances in pain management, alternative treatments are available at your local spine center in Jacksonville, FL. Spinal cord stimulation, or SCS, may be a viable alternative that resolves your ongoing pain.

The phrase “spinal cord stimulation” describes the process of delivering low-voltage electrical currents to the spine by way of an implanted device. It may help to compare SCS devices to pacemakers, which continuously generate electrical impulses to help control the heartbeat; SCS devices continuously deliver currents that block pain and help patients go about their daily routines. The procedure is not heavily invasive, though general anesthesia may be necessary for some approaches.

If you’re interested in learning whether SCS is a viable treatment option for you, the first step is finding out whether you’re a good candidate. The specialists at your local spine center can help you understand your pain and explore all treatments available for patients with your specific history. In general, people who have not experienced improved symptoms following spine surgery are eligible candidates for SCS.

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