Radiofrequency Ablation for Pain Management in Your Spine

Radiofrequency ablation in Orange Park, FL, is an impressive treatment option often used to manage pain originating from your spine and joints, especially in your neck and lower back area. How does it work? When it comes to pain management, RFA sends radio waves through a precisely placed needle to heat an area of the nerve and destroy the tissue. This prevents pain signals from being sent back to your brain. That makes this pain management an option for dealing with long-term pain conditions.


In your spine, nerves branch off from your spinal cord and travel to the facet and sacroiliac joints. These facet joints are located between the vertebrae in your spine and allow for flexibility and movement of your back. Sacroiliac joints, on the other hand, are found near the bottom of your spine and send pain signals from the spine to your brain.


With radiofrequency ablation, doctors are able to treat the targeted medial branch nerve in the facet joints or the lateral branch nerve in the sacroiliac joints to decrease the amount of pain signals that reach your brain. Typically, the goals of RFA are to:


Stop or Reduce Pain

Improve Function

Reduce the Amount of Pain Medications You Need to Take

Avoid or Delay Surgery