Bad Habits for Your Back

Are your bad habits causing you unnecessary pain in your back? You might be surprised at just how much damage we are able to do to ourselves in our daily life. Thankfully, back pain treatment in Orange Park, FL, can help alleviate much of this discomfort. But is there a way to avoid doing the damage in the first place? Our pain management clinic has created a short list of five habits that are hurting your back.


Sitting Hunched – When you find yourself sitting at a desk for long periods of your day, it is easy to let the body start to hunch or slouch over. This sitting position goes against the natural alignment of your spine and begins to put more pressure on your lower back. Make sure every 30 minutes or so you gently stretch and move your head and neck up and down and to the right and left to alleviate that pressure, and try your best to sit straight in your chair.


Sleeping On the Wrong Mattress – How good is your “good night sleep?” If you are sleeping on the wrong mattress, the answer is pretty apparent when you wake up each morning with back pain. The best type of mattress is firm enough to support your back but soft enough to fit the shape of your body. Your sleeping position can also change the type of mattress you should use. Talk to a pain management professional to learn more about finding the right mattress for your back.


Sitting Too Long – Slumped sitting isn’t the only problem people with desk jobs might face—they could also find themselves not getting up enough. If you sit in a chair for many hours of the day, getting up and moving around for a couple of minutes every 30 minutes is essential to give your body a break.


Smoking – Did you know that smokers are three times more likely to develop lower back pain? Smoking can curb blood flow to your spine, which will cause the cushioning disks between your bones to break down quicker. Smoking can also weaken bones and give you osteoporosis. So, if you smoke, it is time to make quitting a top health priority.


Overeating – Every body type is different, but if you put too many extra pounds on your frame, you can strain the bones and muscles in your back. The key to reducing the amount you eat is to eat slowly. This gives your body a chance to let you know it is full. You should also pick nutrition-packed treats and meals so you can feel satisfied with fewer calories.