What You Should Know About Neuropathy

The nerves in your hands and their connection to your brain are what make you aware of the many threats and dangers in the environment, keeping you out of harm’s way. When nerves become damaged and stop functioning correctly (the cause of neuropathy), a lot of misinformation is carried back to the brain. The nerves in your hands may be telling you that your hand is tingling or in pain, even when it appears to be unharmed. This is where neuropathy treatment in Jacksonville, FL, can help.

Causes of Neuropathies

Nerve damage can be difficult to recognize because it can have so many causes and symptoms.

Neuropathies can result from infections, traumatic injuries, metabolic problems, inherited causes, and toxins exposure. One of the most common causes is diabetes. Nerves are the pathways that communicate sensations to the brain, and so nerve damage can produce tingling, burning, or numbing sensations.

Neuropathy Treatment

Common neuropathy treatment regimens aim to reduce the sensations and issues patients experience. It’s commonly thought that neuropathy can be cured or its symptoms reversed, but unfortunately, experts are unable to impact the underlying cause of most neuropathies. The main forms of treatment are medications that can decrease pain in some patients with neuropathy.