patient explaining symptoms to doctor

What are the Symptoms of Nerve Pain?

There are many different types of pain we can experience, from the mild to the severe, from the acute to the chronic. They all come in different ways and have different effects on each of us, but they often can be narrowed down to their source.

We’ll look at nerve pain in this blog post, written by our staff at Florida Coast Pain, and describe some of the symptoms so you can be aware if you’re dealing with nerve pain issues. As a pain management clinic in Jacksonville, FL, we’ve seen just about every type you can imagine and are well versed in identifying different types and providing treatments.

One of the first things you should determine when considering if you have nerve pain is the location of the pain. Does it occur randomly, in one specific spot, or spread along a certain path? If your pain follows a path, that’s a good indication that it’s stemming from a nerve.

Another major factor to take into account is the type of pain. Nerve pain is generally sharp or stabbing. Some people may also experience tingling or burning.

There are other additional symptoms that we can address at our pain management clinic in Jacksonville, FL, such as:

  • Muscle Weakness
  • Loss of Feeling
  • Partial or Complete Paralysis
  • Changing Skin Texture