woman with a migraine rubbing her temples

Retinal Migraine Treatment

You may notice your vision is impaired. Perhaps, you have partial or total loss of vision or a blind spot. This is accompanied, usually later, by a severe headache — a migraine. The medical term for this unusual form of migraine is a retinal migraine. This type of migraine headache causes pain and changes in vision. When it occurs in both eyes, the term is migraine with aura.

With eye problems of any sort, it is best to see a doctor quickly to find out what the problem is and get treatment. For migraine treatment in Jacksonville, FL, there are non-surgical remedies your doctor may recommend. Two of the most common include BOTOX and medical marijuana.

BOTOX — When you think of BOTOX, you think of getting rid of wrinkles. However, this treatment also is effective in treating migraine headaches. The ingredient in BOTOX that works so well on fine lines — onabotulinumtoxinA — also provides relief from severe discomfort by preventing pain signals from reaching the brain.

Medical Marijuana — Those suffering from chronic migraines can find a friend in medical cannabis. In fact, it’s a much better option than many prescription medications. It has been proven that medical marijuana provides a safe option for pain relief caused by migraines and other medical conditions.

We urge you to see a doctor when you’re experiencing retinal headaches. Perhaps, BOTOX or medical marijuana can alleviate your suffering.