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How To Prepare For Kyphoplasty

Back pain can be extremely taxing; your back supports most of your bodily functions, and pain in this area can take a toll on your normal life. Kyphoplasty is a minor invasive surgery used to restore the height in your vertebrate and stabilizing a fracture. Kyphoplasty in Jacksonville, FL, is easy to access and can create a monumental difference in your spinal health and help you jump back into your life. First, however, you must know how to prepare for this minor surgery.

Alcohol and tobacco, in particular, play a significant role in your bone health. Smoking can hinder your bones’ ability to heal after the surgery. Blood thinners or anti-steroidal medications need to be stopped about a week before the surgery as well. They can pose a larger threat to the surgery itself; blood thinners could worsen the bleeding, and other medications could also not react well with anesthesia. The patient must usually fast for 6 hours before the Kyphoplasty.

After the procedure, a patient should typically arrange a ride home. Many patients feel immediate relief of back pain after the surgery, and some after two days. You should wait more than six weeks before doing any strenuous movements or activities involving your back. Take it easy and let yourself heal. Since it is a minor surgery, patients can usually go home a few hours after surgery and scheduled for a follow up about a week later. Make an appointment with a doctor today to find out more about Kyphoplasty.