How to Manage Your Chronic Pain with Yoga

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, and not all can—or want to—rely solely on medication for relief. When you’re looking for drug-free chronic pain relief in Orange Park, FL, consider trying yoga. While it may seem counterintuitive to do any kind of exercise when you’re sore, gentle movements and stretching will reduce stiffness and increase circulation. Plus, strengthening your muscles allows your body to be better supported and less prone to injury.


Yoga is an excellent way to get the low-impact exercise you need. It comes in many forms and can be easily adapted to suit your goals and challenges. Plus, you can do it anytime and anywhere with little to no equipment. Furthermore, yoga promotes better mental and emotional well-being, which may help with chronic pain relief.


Getting Started


Before attempting yoga as part of your pain management plan, you should talk to a doctor. They can help you understand what kind of exercises are safe for you. You may also want to seek advice from an experienced yoga instructor to tailor a program for your needs.


It’s best to start with the absolute basics and do them regularly. Even a simple routine yields effective results if done well and often. If you’re unable to sit on the floor or stand for long, you can research yoga exercises that can be done seated in a chair. Don’t advance to any new techniques until you’re confident in the fundamentals.