Back Pain Treatment in Orange Park, FL

Dealing with Back Pain from Lawn Work

Lawn care and yard work are those necessary evils that come with homeownership. It is great to have a property to call your own, but when it comes time for seeding, fertilizing, mowing, and raking, it doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

Bending over for hours while gardening or time spent pushing a heavy mower can result in a stiff and sore lower back. Regardless of your fitness level, you can still injure yourself or pull a muscle in your back from performing lawn work. It can happen to anyone at any time. That is why Florida Pain Physicians have created this blog post. It is intended to discuss how you can find relief with back pain treatment in Orange Park, FL.

Proper stretching and exercising your back muscles are proven ways to avoid the risk of a sore back, and so is bending and lifting correctly, but sometimes that is still not enough to prevent injury. If that’s the case, you need to seek medical help.

The professionals at a pain management clinic will first give you a thorough examination to identify the source of your discomfort. Then they will proceed to discuss the various back pain treatment options that are available. There are invasive and non-invasive solutions that can provide relief.

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