Sitting in a freezing or near-freezing tank may not seem healthy, but many people are making it a part of their pain management plan. The practice is called “cryotherapy,” and it’s gaining popularity as a drug-free, non-invasive method for treating a wide range of health conditions. Since it is relatively new, its alleged benefits haven’t yet been scientifically proven, but many patients are happy with their results. Read on to learn more about cryotherapy’s possible benefits, and contact us to further discuss chronic pain relief in Orange Park, FL.  


Pain Relief

If you suffer from muscle pain, you’ve likely been told to utilize ice packs to increase blood circulation and promote healing while also getting temporary pain relief. Cryotherapy takes a similar approach in a much more powerful way. In addition to muscle pain, some people also use cryotherapy as part of their pain management for joint conditions.  


Reduced Inflammation

Some people who suffer from chronic inflammation participate in cryotherapy to reduce their symptoms. More research needs to be done on human subjects to determine how effective this treatment is, but a growing number of patients recommend it. 


Migraine Treatment

Perhaps most surprisingly, cryotherapy may be helpful for migraine sufferers. Targeted treatment on the neck may provide chronic pain relief or even reduce the frequency of migraines.