Pain comes in myriad forms, which is why there is also a myriad of options for pain management and relief. However, most techniques can be sorted into one of four main methods. Talk to our health professionals to explore these options for chronic pain relief in Orange Park, FL: 


Physical Techniques: Hands-on methods can yield significant pain relief when done right. Physical therapy is the most well-known option in this field, but some other techniques include massage therapy and hot and cold therapy, and acupuncture. 


Mind-Body Techniques: Research indicates combining psychology with pain management can help many people live healthier lives. Some examples include cognitive therapy aimed at reducing pain-related anxiety and relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation. 

Drug Therapy: Prescription medication is what most people think of for chronic pain relief. Some of the most common varieties are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids, antidepressants, and beta-blockers. Recently, medical cannabis has gained great popularity as an alternative. 


Interventional Medicine: Some patients only achieve meaningful, lasting relief with pain management surgery. These surgeries range from minor outpatient procedures to major operations. 


Depending on your case, you may find one method works best, or a combination is your ideal solution. Schedule a consultation with the doctors at Florida Pain Physicians to explore your options.