Sympathetic Block As the Solution for Chronic Pain Relief in Orange Park, FL

Sympathetic block injections, also called sympathetic nerve blocks, are procedures for chronic pain relief in Orange Park, FL. They involve injections of medications, like steroids, around sympathetic nerve roots along the spine to provide temporary relief from chronic pain. Sometimes, sympathetic block injections are administered as a series of injections to provide longer-term chronic pain relief.

Why a Sympathetic Block Is Performed

Sympathetic nerve block injections are used for chronic pain relief associated with the sympathetic nervous system, including:

  • Vascular – Pain that develops when there is a lack of blood flow to tissue or an organ
  • Visceral – Pain in the organs and thorax or in the trunk of the body
  • Neuropathic – Pain that is characterized by burning or shooting sensations

What to Expect During a Sympathetic Block Procedure

A sympathetic nerve block procedure for chronic pain relief typically takes around 30 minutes to complete. The patient is given a sedative before the procedure via an IV to help him or her relax. Next, the patient lies face-down on an x-ray table for the injections. During the procedure, x-ray images are used to guide the technician and ensure proper placement of the injection.