Some Advice from Our Pain Clinic in Orange Park, FL, when You May Have Arthritis

You may be aware that early treatment of arthritis can lead to fewer complications and simpler treatment plans at Florida Pain Physicians, our pain clinic in Orange Park, FL, and this is true. A timely diagnosis and action can lead to treatments that can reduce your risk of joint damage or the need for surgery down the line. It’s also been proven that carefully choosing your activities and avoiding overuse can reduce the damage from some types of arthritis. It’s crucial to know if you have the condition to have early discussions with your doctor.

Be On the Lookout for Early Symptoms of Arthritis

Pay attention to early arthritis symptoms and consult with your doctor and a pain clinic. When you have symptoms beyond pain, such as constant swelling around a joint, warmth, and redness; these could indicate arthritis. In addition to common joint-related symptoms, you may also have seemingly unrelated symptoms like fatigue, a fever, or a general sense of being unwell. If this is the case, then make an appointment to see your doctor sooner rather than later.

Limit Self-Treatment of Arthritis Symptoms

You can buy many over-the-counter pain remedies, including oral pain relievers, topical pain relievers, dietary supplements for healthier joints, heating pads, and massagers.

But experts at pain clinics advise us that although self-treatment options may make us more comfortable and temporarily relieve some pain, it does not meet the need for an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan prescribed by a doctor. It is crucial to be properly diagnosed, so self-treatment should be very limited as delaying proper treatment may prolong symptoms or cause more joint damage in the future.