Recognizing Signs of Chronic Pain in Dementia Patients – Tips from Our Pain Clinic in Orange Park, FL

Someone you love may be in pain but not be able to verbalize it. This can be the case with those who have dementia, as patients are usually elderly and at risk for the pain that accompanies many medical conditions. The physicians at our pain clinic in Orange Park, FL, don’t want to see anyone suffering, especially someone who cannot speak for themselves.

Spotting Signs of Pain

The usual ways you would use to check for pain may not be possible or accurate. In the later stages of dementia, patients have trouble expressing themselves. Physical signs or behavior can be an indication of pain but may be unreliable. For instance, people in pain may:

  • Yell
  • Cry
  • Curse
  • Grimace
  • Double Over
  • Argue
  • Fight
  • Pace
  • Hit
  • Suffer in Silence
  • Withdraw

The Most Reliable Judges of Pain for Dementia Patients

A family member is often a good judge of pain because of the long years of familiarity. A physician serves as another good judge from the training, experience, and knowledge of diseases that cause pain.

For the doctors at our pain clinic in Orange Park, FL, the matter comes down to the quality of life. When someone is in chronic pain, we believe they need relief and treat them accordingly.