Non-Surgical Treatments Available for Back Pain Management in Jacksonville, FL

Patients suffering from chronic back pain may find relief through methods that don’t involve surgery. This is the course of action pain physicians pursue after determining the cause. Once your doctor knows the cause, they can provide you with a custom treatment plan for non-invasive pain management in Jacksonville, FL.

Alleviating pain may require lifestyle changes, alternative medicine, and non-invasive procedures, such as:

  • Physical Therapy – You may find pain relief from strengthening your core muscles, doing cardio, adding stretching to increase flexibility, and training yourself to stand correctly.
  • Mindfulness – Back pain impacts your mood, so practices such as meditation, yoga, or tai chi, help you relax and ease your suffering.
  • Diet – Foods that are processed, contain refined sugar, and/or are high in trans fats cause inflammation, which results in pain.
  • Injections – Steroids can reduce inflammation and suffering, as can anesthetic injections in the facet joints, or sympathetic nerves, depending on your discomfort. Nerve blocks also help with certain conditions.
  • Medication – There are many medications available, as well as methods of delivery that require minor surgery. With an intrathecal pump, a pump is put into your body to release pain medication when you need it.

For specific information on what will help you with pain management, consult with a back pain physician.