Is Smoking Interfering with Your Pain Management in St. Augustine, FL?

It’s been a long time, a well-known fact that smoking is terrible for your health on many fronts. However, those detrimental effects run much deeper than most people might know, extending beyond the damage to your lungs and heart. When it comes to pain management in St. Augustine, FL, the physicians can help you go through various plans and treatments to keep chronic pain stable. Still, smoking greatly hinders your body’s ability to circulate oxygen, including your spine, which is the hub of your entire nervous system. This can cause disk degeneration and pain in many other parts of your body.

Body’s Ability to Heal Itself is Impaired

No matter the source causing your chronic pain, smoking greatly slows the body’s innate healing process. This is also applicable to wounds or infections; that means pain management will be challenging for a body that has undertaken years of damage from the smoking. The healing process greatly depends on the delivery of oxygen to different parts of your body, that when damaged, can be very difficult to remedy.

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