While humans have suffered from migraines for millennia, the science behind them is still unclear. However, medical advancements have led to new theories for what triggers these painful episodes—as well as new options for migraine treatment in Jacksonville, FL, and beyond.


In the past, researchers suggested that fluctuations in blood flow may be the culprit behind migraine symptoms. Today, research indicates that changes in blood flow don’t cause pain, but they may contribute to it. Instead, the current widely accepted theory is that chemical compounds and hormones—and a person’s sensitivity to them—are what make a migraine happen.


To put it simply, when serotonin and estrogen levels fluctuate, they can cause migraines for frequent sufferers. This theory may also explain why women are more likely to report migraines; their estrogen levels vary much more greatly than men’s. However, research is ongoing, and more revelations may come to light in the future, as well as new migraine treatments based on the latest science. Visit our clinic to explore your options for easing symptoms.


Common Migraine Triggers

While chemical compounds and hormone shifts are difficult to control, you may be able to control some of the factors that trigger migraines. Some of the most common triggers are:


Stress and Other Emotions

Fatigue and Sleep Pattern Changes

Glaring or Flickering Lights

Weather or Atmosphere Changes

Certain Foods and Drinks

Certain Scents