FAQs about Back Pain Management in Orange Park, FL

For many of our patients, back pain has been a burden they have had to bear for too long. There is treatment available. In fact, there are different procedures for pain management in Orange Park, FL, depending on the cause. Here are a few:

What treatment can help alleviate the pain that plagues the lower back and legs?

We have found a common cause of such pain is often inflammation. However, first, we want to do a checkup and examination to determine the cause. In some cases, relief comes from reducing that inflammation. Our physicians have found an epidural injection of steroids relieves pain, and we follow that up with rehabilitation.

How do you treat back pain due to facet joints in the spine?

It can be helpful to inject steroids into the facets themselves. This gives temporary relief, as medicine decreases inflammation. However, before we treat the symptoms, we investigate to determine the cause.

What can you do to help someone with long-term chronic pain?

Our physicians have seen success for patients who get an implant of an intrathecal pump. This is a pain management treatment that we consider after other options have not proven effective. The pump releases medicine directly into your system, which has two main benefits: It reduces the amount you need, and it makes other medications unnecessary.

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