FAQ About Pain Management in Orange Park, FL

Pain management is a cohesive approach to diagnosing, treating, and controlling pain. It uses multi-faceted and personalized treatment plans to coordinate effective options that can address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of pain. Here are just a few of many frequently asked questions that normally come up on the topic of pain management in Orange Park, FL.

What Is A Pain Management Doctor?

A pain management doctor is a fellowship-trained, board-certified physician who is able to diagnose and treat acute and chronic pain conditions using a balanced and comprehensive approach. These physicians typically build complete, personalized care plans for each of their patients and employ various pain management strategies focused on the whole person — not just the pain.

What Treatments Might One Receive At A Pain Management Clinic?

A pain management clinic may opt for using interventional approaches (injections) when appropriate to treat painful conditions. These injections require precise placement of specific pain medications at the locations suspected to cause pain. In addition, a pain management clinic may recommend surgical interventions such as spinal cord stimulators, vertebral augmentation/kyphoplasty, percutaneous disc decompression, and intrathecal pump therapy.

Do You Need To Be Referred By A Physician?

Typically, most patients are referred to a pain management clinic by their primary doctors or their surgeons; however, many clinics also see “self-referrals” — usually by appointment only, as “walk-ins” cannot normally be accommodated.