Exploring Epidurals as a Pain Management Tool in St. Augustine, FL

Most people associate epidurals with childbirth and certain types of surgery. However, they are also an option for relieving many kinds of chronic pain. Florida Pain Physicians is able to offer epidural steroid injections (or ESIs) for pain management in St. Augustine, FL. Here is what you should know about ESIs.


How ESIs Work



Epidural steroid injections are a type of guided steroid injection that blocks nerve sensations to relieve pain. The injections contain powerful anti-inflammatory agents to reduce nerve compression and irritation from swelling.


Administering an ESI only takes a few moments. Your doctor will use an X-ray machine to place the needle precisely, and, thanks to the anesthetic, you will feel some pressure but no pain. After a brief monitoring period, you will be released with your driver. Most people experience pain relief from their ESI for weeks or even months.


Determining Whether an ESI is Right for You


ESIs can be used as part of a pain management plan for many people, but they aren’t right for every person or situation. They are most effective for people suffering from pain caused by swollen or inflamed spinal discs and the associated nerves. Talk to your doctor to determine whether ESIs are a treatment option for you.