Develop Your Profile for More Effective Migraine Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

The way you experience a migraine is unique to you. And although you may share a common problem, the particulars of the symptoms are different for everyone. These symptoms and more make up your particular pain profile. Your physician takes these into account when tailoring a migraine treatment in Jacksonville, FL, for you.

History – Little details about your migraines can provide invaluable information. For instance, the number of headaches you experience in a month or the time of day they happen. You may notice certain foods trigger your migraines. And for women, headaches may coincide with their periods and menopause may also impact migraines.

Lifestyle – Eating and sleeping habits, exercise, alcohol, and caffeine can play a role in your migraines. All of this is information helps your doctor when providing you with treatment options.

Underlying Conditions – Your pain physician takes medical conditions such as high blood pressure or kidney disease into account when recommending migraine treatment in Jacksonville, FL. When a woman is pregnant, a doctor knows not to prescribe certain drugs.

Treatment – Do you take prescription medication? If so, what medications have you been on? Have you tried preventive treatment drugs? The answers to these questions are essential for your care.

Keep this information handy for yourself and your physician. They may well lead to treatment that reduces the frequency and pain of your migraines.