Avoiding Triggers: Advice from Migraine Treatment Experts in Jacksonville, FL

Many migraines are triggered by specific environmental and physiological factors. Over the years, the team at Florida Pain Physicians has helped countless patients with migraine treatment in Jacksonville, FL. The following is some advice on avoiding common triggers based on our extensive experience:


Food and Additives: If you suspect your migraines may be triggered by things you eat, start keeping a food diary. Record everything you eat and track any reactions to pinpoint the problematic food. Bear in mind that you may be sensitive to an additive like artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors, which can be more challenging to pinpoint. Incorporating more fresh food into your diet is the best way to limit your exposure to additives.


Hormonal Changes: The majority of people seeking migraine treatment are women, which may be due to fluctuating estrogen levels. When you have noticed that you tend to have more headaches during specific parts of your menstrual cycle, you should talk to your doctor about using a hormonal form of birth control to limit your migraines.


Lights and Odors: Some people’s nerve receptors react to sensory input from lights and odors. Those sensitive to bright or flickering light should wear protective lenses (like sunglasses and glasses with photochromic lenses) and seek ambient illumination rather than direct lighting. Others seek migraine treatment because they are triggered by perfumes, cooking smells, and other odors. Avoiding odors can be difficult, so it is important to begin by narrowing down exactly which smells impact you.