3 Potential Back Pain Treatments in Orange Park, FL

People that suffer from chronic back pain often try many different things while seeking relief. Florida Pain Physicians offers a variety of options for back pain treatment in Orange Park, FL. If you feel that you have exhausted all the usual suggestions, make an appointment with us to explore one of the following treatments:


Physical Therapy: Often, the missing component for natural pain relief is an individualized physical therapy plan. One of the best non-invasive back pain treatments is an exercise and stretching program designed to reduce your tension, strengthen key muscles, and realign your body.


Spinal Injections: If a more aggressive approach is necessary, consider getting a steroid injection or facet injection to reduce inflammation. Your health care physicians may also recommend a sympathetic blockade. Injections are a simple process that often delivers effective, long-lasting results.


Back Surgery: Surgical intervention is typically a last resort in the realm of back pain treatments. Surgeries always carry risks, but modern medicine has made the procedures safer and more effective than ever before. Depending on your needs, your surgeon may decompress an area, remove disc material, or stabilize your spine.


Schedule a consultation at our clinic for further details on the various pain relief options available to you.