What You Should Know About Intrathecal Pump Trials for Back Pain Management in Orange Park, FL

For those in chronic pain, an intrathecal pump may be just what the doctor orders for pain management in Orange Park, FL. Such a pump:

  • Demonstrates a high rate of success in reducing pain
  • Requires a reduced amount of medication
  • Takes only one day for the procedure

The Procedure

Is an intrathecal pump the best option for you? First, talk to your doctor out about the procedure and risks.

This is a two-part operation. The surgeon starts by making a small incision near the spinal cord in the intrathecal space and inserts a catheter. Now, it’s time to place the pump. The surgeon cuts into the abdomen to implant the pump between skin and muscle. Then, he or she connects an extension from the catheter to the pump. When operational, the pump releases medicine into the body to dull chronic pain.

The Candidates

Are you a candidate for an intrathecal pump? There are conditions for a potential recipient to meet, such as:
Other, more conservative measures did not work for you

  • Surgery is not a solution
  • You require pain medication for pain relief
  • You have no allergies to the medication

If you meet the criteria, you could receive an intrathecal pump for pain management in Orange Park, FL.