Signs You May Need Neuropathy Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Neuropathy manifests in four forms, depending on the type of nerve affected: autonomic, peripheral, proximal, and focal. In this article, we’ll be discussing peripheral neuropathy, the most common variation, in which peripheral nerves suffer damage. These nerves are found in the hands and feet, although the symptoms may affect other parts of the body.

How do you know whether you have this condition or when it is time to seek neuropathy treatment in Jacksonville, FL? The red flag symptoms are weaknesses, numbness, and pain in your extremities.

Symptoms You Should Know

The most common symptom of peripheral neuropathy is a gradual onset of numbness, prickling, or tingling in your feet or hands. Eventually, this may extend upward into your legs or arms. Another common symptom is a sharp pain, often described by patients as jabbing, throbbing, or burning. Other signs include:

  • Extreme Sensitivity to Touch
  • Pain in Your Hand or Feet During Activities That Shouldn’t Cause Pain
  • Lack of Coordination and Falling
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Feeling As If You’re Wearing Gloves/Socks When You’re Not

When these symptoms interfere with your daily life, neuropathy treatment may provide relief. Note that non-peripheral nerves may also be affected, resulting in different red flags. For example, you may experience paralysis if motor nerves are affected. Likewise, if your autonomic nerves are affected, symptoms might include:

  • Heat Intolerance
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Inability to Sweat
  • Bowel, Bladder, or Digestive Problems
  • Changes in Blood pressure, Causing Dizziness or Lightheadedness

When to Seek Medical Help

Don’t delay in pursuing neuropathy treatment if you experience any of the symptoms above, especially unusual tingling, weakness, or pain in your hands or feet. Early diagnosis and intervention is your best chance for controlling your symptoms and preventing additional damage. See a doctor as soon as possible to get assessed and determine the right approach for treatment.