Recovery Tips After Kyphoplasty in Jacksonville, FL

A crucial part of having surgery for back pain is how you take care of yourself after the procedure. For those who have kyphoplasty in Jacksonville, FL, our pain physicians provide recommendations to allow your body to recover:

  • Pain – Expect to experience a degree of pain. We may prescribe medication, but be sure to take it as instructed. An over-the-counter medicine is a possibility when you do not receive a prescription. And we’ll let you know when it is safe to resume taking your current medications.
  • Care of Your Incision – We will tell you exactly what to do to care for the incision in your back due to the procedure. The cut allows us to insert a bone cement to support the spine. A dressing covers it, and we give you directions about when to change the dressing and how to keep the incision clean.
  • Diet – After kyphoplasty, you can go back to your regular diet unless your stomach feels delicate. In that case, eat soft and bland foods until your stomach returns to normal.
  • Return to Activity – We want you to take it easy for 24 hours after the surgery. This includes bedrest. And, that next day, avoid heavy lifting that would strain your back.