Five Ways You May Be Triggering Your Sciatica and How to Get Back Pain Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Sciatica typically has an underlying medical cause, such as a herniated disc that’s irritating the sciatic nerve. However, the pain can also be triggered or worsened by more mundane things. The following are some triggers that are commonly agreed by people with sciatica to make symptoms worse. When you seek sciatica and back pain treatment in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll likely get better results if you address these factors as well.

Uncomfortable Footwear

High heels and un-cushioned shoes are a common culprit for many sciatica patients’ bouts of pain. It’s thought that the ground forces generated while walking and standing travel up your legs. High heels and un-cushioned shoes don’t offer sufficient support and protection, leaving the already aggravated sciatic nerve vulnerable to further irritation by the ground forces.

Carrying a Wallet or Phone in Your Back Pocket

Anyone who’s ever sought back pain treatment has likely heard how important it is to sit correctly. However, many don’t think twice about sitting down with something bulky in their back pocket, such as a wallet or phone. Their presence causes you to sit unevenly, which many sciatica patients report can trigger their pain.


It’s well-documented that stress can trigger pain or worsen symptoms for people with a wide range of conditions. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the same is true for sciatica.

Tight Clothing

While no medical research has been conducted on this yet, many sciatic patients report that their symptoms can be triggered by wearing tight jeans and underwear with tight elastic.

Being Overweight

A common piece of advice for sciatica and back pain treatment is to lose weight if possible. Studies indicate that being overweight increases the risk of sciatica, likely because the extra weight applies more pressure to the sciatic nerve. Losing weight can be difficult if you suffer from frequent pain, so doctor to your doctor for advice on safe exercises and healthy nutrition.