Dealing with Migraines at Work and Finding Relief with Migraine Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Having a migraine can put your day at a standstill. A bad situation can easily get worse if your condition triggers while you are at work. While migraine treatment in Jacksonville, FL, provides some release and strategies to approaching your condition, facing them while you are on the clock can be a different challenge entirely.

Depending on your work environment, it may be difficult or even impossible to leave for the day to take care of your condition. Here are some strategies you can incorporate to keep these headaches under control.

Avoid the Triggers

Studies have revealed that the majority of migraine episodes are caused by triggers. By avoiding conditions that can start an episode, you can avoid the worst of them. Counteract the onset of a migraine by:

  • Eating Regularly
  • Staying Hydrated
  • Filtering Blue Light from Electronics
  • Avoiding Stress

Have an Action Plan

Even the most careful individual can fall victim to a migraine. If you feel one coming on, then it helps to have a migraine treatment plan in place. By knowing what to do in advance, you can minimize the impact of an episode.

Eat a snack and have a hydrating beverage ready. Use a hot pack or cold compress on your head or neck, depending on which one feels better to you. Another thing you can do is have an over-the-counter pain reliever ready to soften the headache.

Migraines affect everyone differently. In order to minimize the impact of an episode, it might help to speak to your physician about migraine treatments. Working with your healthcare provider can do much in alleviating your discomfort.