Benefits of Regenerative Medicine in Jacksonville, FL,  for Joint Pain

As we age, our bodies naturally start to show signs of age. One of the common places this occurs is in the joints. These flexible areas of the body are made up of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and bones are used every day and allow us to walk, eat, lift, and grasp things. Over time, these areas begin to suffer wear and tear from constant use, and osteoarthritis, a common joint disorder, can develop. If you suffer from joint pain, relief can be found by turning to practitioners of regenerative medicine in Jacksonville, FL.

Laboratory-Grown Cartilage

For patients in the early stages of osteoarthritis, laboratory-grown cartilage has been shown to reduce or eliminate its effects. Laboratory-grown cartilage is formed from the patient’s stem cells, which are removed and placed in a gel that’s filled with fibers. In a process that takes about two months, the cells grow into a three-dimensional structure. This structure is then implanted into the weakened joint, acting as new cartilage.

Stem Cell Insertion

Another form of regenerative medicine, this procedure is similar to laboratory-grown cartilage, except the growing process is done within the patient’s own body. Viable for those with either early or advanced stages of osteoarthritis, practitioners collect stem cells from a matching donor and then purify them. These purified stem cells are inserted into the damaged joint along with a substance that encourages the cells to grow into new cartilage. This process will take several months but will help patients find relief.

Stem Cell Recruitment

Though this treatment has only been performed in pre-clinical trials, it shows much promise. The process of stem cell recruitment is non-invasive and allows the body to heal with its own stem cells. With a simple injection of amniotic fluid, the body’s cells are signaled to repair themselves and thus can regenerate cartilage.

In the world of modern medicine, there’s no reason to suffer from constant joint pain. Speak with your doctor today about the wonders of regenerative medicine in Jacksonville, FL.