Arthritis: Recognizing The Symptoms & Pain Management In St. Augustine, FL

Those aches and swelling, pain, and stiffness may be signs that you’re starting to develop arthritis. Although a fairly common ailment, arthritis can change how you approach everyday life. If you’re experiencing increased pain in your joints, talk to your doctor about the possibility of arthritic pain management in St. Augustine, FL.

The signs of arthritis can be subtle, and they can come and go. Still, there are a few key factors that indicate that this condition is developing in your body.


One of the primary indicators for arthritis is stiffness. If your joints feel hard to move, even with repeated flexing, you could be in the early stages of arthritis.


If the joint area feels tender or red and puffy, arthritis could be the culprit. Talk to your doctor about pain management, and if the problem persists, let them know so they can reassess your treatment plan.


Different types of arthritis affect different areas of the body depending on the individual. Helping your doctor pinpoint the location will also help with diagnosis.

Other Symptoms

Arthritis can be accompanied by other symptoms such as rashes, dry skin, fever, and weight loss. Be sure to mention any additional changes to your doctor.

Although arthritis is treatable, there is no cure. Pain management at a clinic can make all the difference to improving your outlook.